Vira Cover: New Coronavirus Cleaning Treatment In Perth (Covid-19 Sanitiser)

Today Termipest Perth is proud to introduce our new product Vira Cover to the market that is proven and tested to be effective against Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Are you worried someone infected with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has interacted with your home or business? Then Vira Cover is what you need.

Vira Cover Includes

  • Lasts up to 30 days against Coronavirus
  • Non-toxic, non-oxidative, no dyes and no smell!
  • Food safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for people, animals and plants

What Should You Do?‚Äč

Give Termipest a call on 1300 662 847 to treat your home or business for any possible interaction of Coronavirus. No matter if its a family member or customer, Vira Cover will take care of it for up to 30 days! Your safety is our number 1 concern

What Makes Vira Cover Different?

Termipest Vira Cover is different from normal sanitisation methods because it is one of the only treatments to be tested 99.99% effective against removing Coronavirus (EN Standard 14476:2013+A2:2019).

Vira Cover is a microbe shield that will protect all surfaces of your home and business against airborne viruses and bacteria

To put it simply, normal sanitiser is not as effective! You need a PROFESSIONAL treatment!

Right now, Termipest is the only company in Perth, Western Australia to offer this service. 

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

As you may or may not know, Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to nine days, however Vira Cover has been tested to last for up to 30 days on surfaces, leaving your home or business clean and safe. 

Does It Take Long To Apply?

The Vira Cover treatment is very fast to apply, only taking around 40 mins and lasting up to 30 days

Is It Safe?

YES!, Vira cover is safe for people, animals and plants. It is also safe for any furniture, carpets, curtians, tiles or wood you may have in your home.

But its not just suitable for home use.

Vira Cover is also suitable for hygienic treatment in hospitals, clinics, veterinary hospitals, pet shops, offices, food packaging, cabin, public transport, hotels, schools, child care centers, homes for the elderly and almost any indoor public places.

How Much Does Vira Cover Cost?

You can protect your family or business for at little as $250 per treatment! A very small price to pay considering how devastating this can be to people's health!

What Else Does Termipest Offer?

Termipest offers a range of services all designed to keep your home and business safe from all kinds of Pests and Termites in Perth. They are experts in applications of a multitude of treatments making them the perfect company for Covid cleaning and sanitisation.

With over 50 years in the industry, you know you're in good hands with Termipest.

It's time to get Vira Cover! Call Termipest for a free quote now!