Silverfish Control In Perth

Silverfish are nocturnal, speedy little insects that can become pests in the home. Their name comes from their silvery color and fish-like movement thanks to tapered tails and antennae on their head. They'll burrow anywhere they find dark space including damp corners of your house!

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Silverfish Control In Perth

Outside, Silverfish are found under bark and litter. However, when they migrate inside homes they can become a destructive pest. Silverfish feed on paper, glue, silk, starches and fabrics and can live up to six years. Because they cannot gnp smooth surfaces with their scaly bodies, Silverfish are often found in basins, bath tubs and on and around ceramic tiles.

They are commonly found in roof spaces and are associated with internal face brick surfaces. Silverfish can live up to a year without food. Silverfish are covered under both Pest Packages where the roof space is treated with Coopex powder.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish can live up to six years and are notable pests of many foods. They eat their way through curtains, carpets, food packaging and book bindings among many other things. Silverfish have been the cause of significant damage to museum collections such as those at the British Museum in London.

These creatures are known to damage books, clothing and stored photos. Silverfish do not bite humans but the females can release a very powerful and incredibly foul smelling fluid when threatened.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish?

Silverfish are found in all types of housing from flats to mansions but are only an issue when they move into the living area. They come in through gaps around windows and roof tiles. If there is a dry warm area inside your home you will likely find silverfish moving in.

The best method for stopping Silverfish is preventing entry by sealing up the common entry point around window frames, doors etc.

Silverfish can't climb up smooth surfaces so putting a row of tacks along the skirting board/base boards can be effective as they try to get in and then become trapped on the sharp pins. Water traps around sinks and other areas where water gathers are an easy way to trap them.

Silverfish can also be trapped in a paper bag or jar by leaving the top open and providing food such as a slice of apple on the inside of the bag/jar. There have been reports that adding vinegar to discard scraps will help to deter their arrival but there is no evidence this works.

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