The Wasps found around the Perth metropolitan area come in two distinct groups, Paper Wasps and Mud Dauber Wasps. Paper Wasps are more common in the hot summer months where they are commonly found nesting under fence capping, pergolas and eaves and around thick vegetation. Like Bees, they are attracted to swimming pools during summer in search of moisture. Paper wasps make their nest from wood and plant fibres mixed with saliva making a papery material often grey or brown in colour. They secrete a chemical at the base of the next to repel Ants. Paper Wasps are small in size than common Bees and are either black and yellow or brown and yellow. Mud Dauber Wasps are much larger than bees and are a bright orange colour. They are found around the hills and foothills areas of Perth where the Wasps are a huge nuisance making their large mud nests high up on the brick walls. All Wasps are covered under both Pest Packages. Wasp removal in Perth is something you need!