Wasp Removal In Perth

Wasps found around the Perth metropolitan area come in two distinct groups,

Paper Wasps and Mud Dauber Wasps.

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Paper Wasps are more common in the hot summer months where they are commonly found nesting under fence capping, pergolas and eaves and around thick vegetation.

Wasp Removal In Perth

Like Bees, they are attracted to swimming pools during summer in search of moisture. Paper wasps make their nest from wood and plant fibres mixed with saliva making a papery material often grey or brown in colour. They secrete a chemical at the base of the next to repel Ants.

Paper Wasps are small in size than common Bees and are either black and yellow or brown and yellow. Mud Dauber Wasps are much larger than bees and are a bright orange colour.

They are found around the hills and foothills areas of Perth where the Wasps are a huge nuisance making their large mud nests high up on the brick walls. All Wasps are covered under both Pest Packages.

Is Wasp Removal Safe?

The removal of these Wasps are all done by hand using a specially designed protection suit. The Wasp is then moved to an area where they can not sting people, pets or children when relocated.

Our pest controllers in Perth use only safe products that will cause no harm to you, your family or your pets and the environment.

All of our technicians are also fully trained and qualified to handle any wasp problems in Perth.

How To Identify A Wasp Nest

A common problem with wasp removal is that many people confuse bees with Wasps.

Bees are generally larger, coloured black and yellow or brown and have body stripes while Powdered Wasp are smaller, coloured much like the honey bee but are usually orange in colour.

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What If I Get Stung?

Wasps are not aggressive so if they do happen to sting us it is more likely to be in self defence. When this happens, the wasp’s stinger is torn away from its body and is left stuck in your skin.

The sting has two parts; a barb which causes the pain and an end part which stays in your body and releases venom. The removal of the stinger should be done as quickly as possible so as not to release any more venom into your body.

If you are stung, run the area under cold water then gently scrape away and remove the sting with a credit card or your fingernail. Wash the area with soap and water than apply ice packs to reduce swelling.

Persistent pain should be reported immediately to a doctor.