Of all the pests found in Perth, Termites are the most feared and cause the most damage. They cause more damage than storms, fire and floods put together and no insurance policy will cover termites. If you think you may have Termites, then you need Termite treatment as soon as possible!

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Homeowners mistakenly believe that by having a concrete floor, the risk of termite infestation is minimal. On the contrary, termites are attracted to concrete slabs because of the moisture underneath.

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Once under a slab, termites will search for cracks found in expansion joints, the slab itself especially around renovations and extensions, bay windows, gaps in sunken floors or penetrations such as service pipes that typically are around bathroom vanity units and kitchen cupboards.

When Masonite or untreated pine is used on these areas, the risks are even greater. Homeowners often find termites in their sheds, especially those which have 2x2 slabs, where the termites are feeding under cupboard boxes. Woodpiles are another common area to find termites.

Because termites are associated with moisture, homeowners are advised to rectify leaking pipes, rusted gutters, rising damp and any areas where water may accumulate for long periods over surfaces.

Perth is home to the notorious Coptotermes species which is the most destructive in Australia.

What Are Termites And What Do They Eat?

Termites are a group of small insects. Usually termite colonies have workers, soldiers (which defend the colony) and one queen termite. A termite colony can grow to be very large, with many termites living together in a nest made from mud.

Termites eat wood and other plants. They eat the plant's cellulose, which they break down with their termite guts. They digest the cellulose into smaller pieces called termites. The termites are digested in the termite gut and go out of the termite body as poop or "castings" (termite poop).

What Are Termite Mounds?

A termite mound is a pile made from termites' waste (called frass) and soil. A termite queen can lay eggs inside the mound, which hatch into termite babies or larvae. The termite babies grow up to be termites.

Are Termites Good Or Bad?

Termites are bad because they can destroy plants and homes. Without termites, however, forests would not exist because termites break down dead trees. Termites have been around for a long time, even longer than dinosaurs!

How Do Termites Live?

Termite colonies usually have one queen termite, many termites and a termite nest made out of mud. The termites eat plants and trees until they find a good place to make a nest. When the termites move into their new nest, the workers make tunnels all over the wood that goes deep into the wood inside your house or in another building. The termites carry pieces of wood back to their termite nests as they eat.

They bring pieces back even if there are already tunnels on it because they like variety in their diet. The termite queen lays eggs to create more termites for her colony, which has workers who take care of her babies (baby termites).

Whenever termites are found, or you may even suspect having them on your property, please call Termipest and we will arrange a FREE 68 Point Evaluation. We have a range of treatment options to suit your needs from Barrier Treatments to Baiting Stations.

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