Apart from Termites these are the pests that people fear most. A spider bite is often painful and can make a person very sick. Learn Spider removal in Perth.

A White Tail spider, (commonly brought into the home from washing off the line) can cause severe ulceration from a bite. These cigar shaped spiders hunt other spiders such as Redbacks. Because they dont spin webs, they can be difficult to locate around the home. White Tails can easily move from one side of a house to the other, within a few hours, usually during the night. A White Tail spider bite often goes undetected, often resulting in a lump which may develop an itch.

Redback spiders are the most dangerous corrmon spiders around the Perth Metro area. Not all Redback spiders have the distinctive red zig-zagged stripe around their huge abdomen. In fact, in the United States, the infamous Black Widow spider is exactly the same spider as the Redback, but without the red stripe. These spiders can cause serious illness or even death. Redback spider webs often crackle when touched and usually have dried leaves around the base of the web. They are often found in hot dry areas and under furniture, window sills, and children’s outdoor toys.

The messiest webs found throughout Westen Australian homes belong to the common Black House or Window spider. These often have funnel shaped webs are found under fence capping, around window frames, brick piles and rockeries. A Black House spider bite can lead to headaches and vomiting.

Spiders are included in both our Pest Packages. We will use an electric dusting machine that fills the entire roof space with Coopex powder, which has no smell and will last up to 12 months. We will also spray a non-smelling and non-staining product
inside the house that will ensure long lasting residual control.

For the external areas of the home, we use a long lasting residual spray, which has an excellent flushing action and knockdown effect. We target all outdoor areas, every extemal wall, doorway entrance and window, as well as fence capping, furniture, clothes lines, pergolas, play equipment and sheds.