Throughout history, Rats and Mice have adapted to live with humans, sharing our food and shelter. They are responsible for huge losses of food and transmit disease to humans. Being basically social animals, rats and mice live in groups, in nests constructed of any soft materials available such as paper, fabrics and insulation. Outdoors, they nest in burrows adjacent to waterways and under buildings, rubbish and palms. Indoors, they may construct nests in wall voids, in roof voids, under floors and even within stored foods. Quite often, homeowners find a pile of empty snail shells, seed husks and stone fruit in their rood or sheds, indicating the presence of rats. Because Rats cannot regurgitate, they are choosy about the food they eat. Fast acting baits such as Ratsak are usually only consumed by a single rat from the colony. If the rat dies soon after, the other rats will avoid the bait. Termipest only uses slow acting baits ensuring the whole colony will consume the bait over time. A dominant Rat may have territory over 8 or so houses. Rodents are covered under both our Pest Packages. If you need Mice removal in Perth or Rat removal in Perth then contact us!