Caterpillar Removal In Perth

The Caterpillars of the White Cedar Moth have become a serious pest of Cape Lilac trees in Perth over the last few years. You need Caterpillar removal in Perth. Their voracious appetite can leave the largest trees completely stripped of leaves.

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The adult Moth is grey-brown with black hairs covering its body is mostly active at night. It lays greyish coloured eggs in neat clusters, usually on the tree or in woodpiles.

Caterpillar Removal In Perth

They can also lay their eggs under shade cloth and behind curtains. Eggs hatch as black-brown hairy caterpillars with a faint yellow stripe. They quickly grow, feeding at night time only on Cape Lilac trees only.

They are sensitive to sunlight when small, and when larger, they come down to ground at dawn. Caterpillar removal is covered under both of our Pest Packages. Call Termipest today for a free quote.

Where Do They Come From?

arrive in Perth from Eastern Australia, mostly Queensland. Caterpillar eggs get transported on trees that are shipped into the area or come over with visitors who bring them in their car trunks or suitcases.

Caterpillar removal is a specialist task and requires urgent attention as Caterpillars can do massive damage to your tree and environment by stripping it of leaves quickly leaving bare branches or even killing the tree itself.

The Caterpillars molt several times before turning into pupae which appear to be dry dead leaves attached to a stem. The adult Moth emerges within two weeks during summer months and will lay more eggs if conditions allow.

Are Caterpillar Pests?

Caterpillars are pests because Caterpillars have voracious appetites and can cause damage to your trees, plants and shrubs. Caterpillars do not eat wood; they feed only on plant material.

Caterpillar Pests come in many shapes and sizes, some Caterpillars are small enough to be considered a Caterpillar pest while others such as the Gypsy moths caterpillar can grow to be 7 centimeters long.

Are Caterpillars Dangerous?

Caterpillars are more active at night. In the day, they hide in shade from sunlight by hanging onto blades of grass or leaves close to ground level. Caterpillars can't bite people, but may leave a red rash around your skin if you touch them.

Do all Caterpillar turn into Butterflys?

Most Caterpillars don't actually turn into Butterflys. Caterpillars, which are the larval stage of any moth or butterfly species, eventually form pupae and then transform into butterflies or moths.

Caterpillars undergo complete metamorphosis as they develop in the Caterpillar habitat, changing from caterpillar larvae to pupae to adult butterflies or moths.

Is Caterpillar Removal Safe?

Caterpillar removal in Perth to be a bit of an ongoing task if they are breeding inside your home. Caterpillar eggs can remain viable for up to four years indoors so it is best to remove and destroy any Caterpillar eggs that you find in your home.

Caterpillars living outdoors will often migrate around your property feeding on the most tender areas of your plants such as newly emerging leaves, buds and flowers or even laying their eggs inside plants where they feed. Caterpillars control has two options, Pest Control using natural methods or pesticides (Pesticides).

The chemicals used in Caterpillar removal are not harmful to humans but caterpillars should be left well alone once treated and kept away from children and pets.

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