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If you are one of the many home owners in Perth that is struggling with bird control, Termipest can help!

Birds can be nasty pests and hard to control at times.  Places that have large open bay doors and warehouses can suddenly find themselves as a new nesting area.

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This can cause all kinds of damage to the building as well as the product housed inside. Bird droppings can get rather messy rather quickly. Sometimes they will find their way into sheds and garages and they just make one large mess.

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But, how do you clean them up?

After all, many times they are in the rafters that are high up there and not somewhere the average homeowner wants to attempt to reach.  That's why you should call the Bird control experts at Termipest to remove them.

Birds can be filthy animals, their nests and dropping can clog up roofing drains and mess with ventilation systems.  Their droppings are acidic and will erode away the roofs substrates.

Because of the acid in bird waste, it can ruin cars and equipment such as air conditioning units and siding.  They are very damaging animals and we have our ways to stop them.

How To Reduce The Amount Of Birds

The question is, how do you get rid of these pesky birds? Well, here are some tips that might help get rid of birds.

Keep the area clear of food scrapsbirds eating scraps

Birds are some of the most nosy creatures on Earth.  It's not uncommon to see them pecking and perching around people food like pigeons (or seagulls) waiting for scraps from a takeout order or hungry humans everywhere looking for their next quick meal fix at any time, day or night.

However, if you want to discourage these scavengers of all shapes and sizes in your area without harming them so they can continue living out their natural lives as animals meant to fly free, an enclosed dumpster is just what you need!

Clean up Debris

Clean up Debris

Clean up your property to discourage birds from nesting! When you rake leaves and clean up other natural materials like sticks or twigs, the area becomes less enticing for animals.

That means more trees will grow on YOUR land without being eaten by pesky critters - which is great news for both humans AND wildlife alike.

Remove Access Points

Remove Access Points

A bird's foot is as sensitive to touch as a human fingertip. Window ledges and other spots that provide stability are popular hangouts for birds, but they could also be deadly if you're trying to keep them out of your house.

Of course not all window ledges or places with decorations will deter some species from settling in (especially those pesky pigeons), so try adding something like plant cuttings or pieces of bark around the ledge - which makes it less comfortable for them since their feet have little traction on these surfaces.

What Are Some Bird Infestation Signs?

Some of these are pretty obvious, do you have a flock of birds hanging around at all times?  Is the rooftop lined with them or the wires have bunches of birds on them? However, taking control at the first site of the there might be an issue helps keep this process less costly and the cost of repairs from them down.

  • The sidewalks and lawn area have nesting materials floating around on them.  This means that there are nests somewhere being built.
  • There are signs of stock damage or building damage that appears to be due to a bird.  This is common in large warehouses and shipping docks.
  • If there is a concentration of waste in a certain area, you certainly have a bird problem.  They love to sit and stand in the same areas which causes a huge bird waste build up.
  • You hear the baby birds.  Baby bird cries are pretty distinguishable.

If any of the above sounds like you, give us a call.

We offer very humane ways to get the birds to leave.

Our methods are approved to use in Western Australia and we follow all the laws regarding birds. We work with residential pest control as well as commercial pest control.

If you have a bird problem in Perth, Termipest can sort them out. Call us now!

Is Bird Control Safe?

Safety is always a top concern with bird control products. However, by following the guidelines of the local Western Australian and Perth government, bird control can be safe for you, your family as well as the bird population.

We do not kill birds but deter them away using different methods and tools from the experience we have gathered over the years.

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