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Bees are social insects (sometimes pests depending on their location) and carry out an important role in nature. However, they can become dangerous pests when nesting in and around the home. Bee stings can be fatal to allergy sufferers.

Bees are becoming more of a problem in Perth with the metropolitan area expanding further into native bushland. This is compounded with the increase in the number of swimming pools which attract bees, particularly in the summer.

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Any interference with a hive or swarm of bees will cause the guard bees to attack. Bees, like dogs and horses can sense fear.

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Why Are Bees Important?

Bees pollinate our crops and flowers, which means that bees affect food supplies as well as flowering plants on their own. Without the work of honey bee pollinators, many fruits and vegetables would be lost, including oranges, apples, avocados, blueberries and watermelons.

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Bees pollinate many crops including cotton and alfalfa that are used by farmers to feed dairy cows and their calves . Thus bees help keep milk available at the local grocery store.

Without bees to pollinate crops, we would have little honey or beeswax to use for commercial products like candle making or lip balm production.

What Attracts Bees To Your Home?

Bees that try to find a source of water may need to be discouraged from doing so in order to prevent bees or wasps from getting into the house.

To discourage bees, water sources can be placed well away from windows and doors, which can eliminate bees having to search for water sources near structures.

Placing screens over windows and doors will also keep bees out of homes or businesses as they cannot fly through small holes such as screen mesh.

It is also important that if mason jars or other glass containers are used for drinking glasses or food storage, these items should not be left outside on the porch, deck or in the yard.

Bees can see through glass and will sometimes crawl inside these items to find beeswax for their hives.

Bees Can Remember Human Faces

According to the BBC, bees are able to remember specific human faces. This enables bees to distinguish between bees and humans when bees need to choose a flower source or have a hive location in mind.

Researchers found that bees were better at remembering images of individuals with lighter skin tones than dark skinned individuals, which is consistent with previous research on bees and other animals including human beings.

The scientists were also surprised by just how well bees could recognize people from a photograph after they had seen the face only once.

The bees did not need additional exposure or reminders for the memory of an individual's face to "stick". Similar experiments were conducted on bumble bees, who showed similar results.

Is Bee Removal Safe?

If bees are found to be living near the home, bees should be removed immediately by a professional. A variety of bees such as honey bees, carpenter bees and bumble bees can sting in order to protect themselves if they feel threatened.

Bees like to build hives outdoors on trees or in wooden structures. These nests can sometimes be too high for a person to reach without help from an experienced professional bee removal company such as Termipest.

If bees have built their homes close enough to human activities that result in stings or property damage, then it is important to call us for a free quote who will provide effective solutions for all types of bees that may try to build hives nearby.

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