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Pest Control Perth Starting at $280 to Leave you Pest-Free for 12 Months!

Need Pest Control Perth? Are you looking to ensure that both your home and business are free from an unwanted pest infestation? We handle both domestic and commercial pest control. Lets face it, any pest in your home is unwanted, let us help you get rid of them safely and easily with our proven pest control methods.

What Pests Can Termipest Remove?

We treat a wide range of domestic and commercial pest control issues, everything from ants, termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas and caterpillars, millipedes to bees, wasps birds and spiders . If your home or office has been invaded by unwanted pests, we can take care of it for you, guaranteed!

Not only do we provide the best domestic and commercial pest control inspection in Perth, but we offer our services at highly competitive and affordable rates. We understand that no one wants a pest in their home or office and are a major burden and can potentially cause many issues for your home or office so we aim to get rid of those pests through a variety of treatments for you without causing additional financial stress to an already stressful situation. Looking for the best Pest Control Perth, you can't go past Termipest. 

Does Termipest Have A Warranty For Returning Pests?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our domestic and commercial pest control service or your money back! We never compromise the quality of our pest control methods and use only the safest, most efficient methods to effectively get the job done. If you are looking for domestic services and commercial pest control, don't wait, call us today!

Termipest provides Perth residents with a premium pest control service that offers professional technicians that will leave your home clean and safe from infestation, now and in the future. With the best service at the best prices, you can rest assured that the Australian team at Termipest is the number-one choice for ridding your home of those nasty bugs and rodents that can cause health problems for your family and irreparable structural damage to you home. Trust your Pest Control Perth to Termipest.

Inside and Outside for only $280



Our products won't stain or smell. We will treat anywhere you want. Children and pets can remain indoors during the treatment. Perfect for the treatment of termites, spiders and ants.

The Roof

After an inspection of the roof, we use a non-toxic dust that treats silverfish, crickets and spiders for up to 12 months. We bait the roof for rats if necessary and ensure your beams are termite protected.


We spray Bifenthrin which is registered for termites. Plants and the surrounding environment won't be harmed. We spray for pests everywhere especially targeted treatments for ants before they get into the home.

Looking For The Best Pest Control In Perth?

Thanks to our extensive experience within the industry, our professional technicians are licensed, backed by the right qualification and skills to ensure each job is done efficiently, effectively and at the best price possible. By tailoring an independent quote to suit your specific needs, we'll attend to the job with enthusiasm, attention to detail and respect.

Not sure where to start? We encourage you to give our pest control management team a call on 1300 66 2847 or send us a message via our contact page. We can provide you with a quote and answer any questions or advice in regards to your individual situation.

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1300 662 847

Would you like to ensure your home or business is free from unwanted termites, ants? Here at Termipest, we offer both domestic and commercial pest management and control in Perth that treats a wide range of common pests that invade Australian properties. As well as offering effective treatments that ensure a pest-free property for at least 12 months, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing that will fit within your budget.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service provided by Termipest: we never compromise on the quality of our pest control treatment, and we use only the most hygienic, state-of-the-art chemicals and equipment to treat the problem.

Common Pests Termipest Can Remove

We provide solutions to treat a wide range of domestic and commercial pest control services, however, here is a list of the most commonly seen pests in our area:

termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, silverfish, millipedes, earwigs, centipedes, ladybugs, bed bugs and many more

Chances are, if there is any kind of unwanted pest in your home or office, we can provide a safe and effective solution to not only getting rid of them, but also ensuring that they do not come back.

Southern Or Northern Suburbs Of Perth

When you give us a call to handle your domestic and commercial pest control issues in Perth, we take the time to do a thorough investigation of your entire home or office space. We often come to your home or office for one issue and discover that there is much more happening than meets the eye. We take care of everything for you so you and your home or office are no longer at risk for pest related damages or illness.

Our highly trained pest control Perth specialists know and understand the common patterns of domestic and commercial pests and can therefore stop the pest life cycle to prevent future infestations and treatments. Pest control Perth inspection and management is not a one-time deal-it needs to be handled on a year-round basis. We don't just come in once and then wait for you to call us back with another pest control issue, we continue our care and monitoring of your home to prevent any future invaders and to keep you and your family safe.

If you are in need of domestic and commercial pest control services, look no further! We handle all of your pest control needs from top to bottom. With highly skilled pest removal specialists and award winning customer service experience, choosing us for your pest control Perth needs for your home or office is a no brainer. Give us a call today and let us show you why we are the best domestic and commercial pest control service around.

Why Contact Termipest For Your Pest Removal?

While many property owners will try and treat the problem themselves with store bought treatments, this is not enough for a serious infestation. Whether you fail to eradicate all of the pests in the beginning, or clear the property only to discover an infestation again a short time later, we can tackle the issue in an efficient and professional manner. If you require an effective, long term solution, we are here to help.

As well as the nuisance pests can cause for property owners, there is also the health and safety concerns an infested property can create. Fleas, Birds, Cockroaches, millipedes and other pests are famous for spreading germs and can pose extra health concerns if they sting or bite. For businesses, there is also potential damage to their reputation if clients discover a pest problem. If you would like to ensure a clean and safe environment for your family or workers, contact us today to request a quote for commercial or domestic pest control Perth.

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Need Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia?

Offering Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia, and surrounding areas.  Do you have ratsantstermitescockroach or other unwanted critters lurking? We are a professional pest control service company that can come out and take a look.  We know Western Australia and all their pests and how they live. It is important to understand the pest that you need to get rid of, the food they like or the sleeping habits help us get the pest out in a safe manner for the people and pets of the home or business.  

We offer Residential Pest Control as well as Business Pest Control services for all of Perth, WA. Do you have a pest problem and need some help? Not sure even what that noise is in the walls but you know the walls don't make that noise on their own? We can come and check it out. We live in your community and understand the ways of life in Perth, WA.  We know what pests are here and at what times of the year they are more problematic than others. We work with our clients to get the best results in the best fashion for a variety of pests.

An Eco Friendly Approach To Pest Control

For Some pest removal strategies we use sprays, while others we trap and some need a combination of both. We do all of this in a fashion that will protect the non-pest animals and people around.  Our dedicated team will carefully evaluate your pest situation, as every situation is different to come up with the right plan for you. We are an environmentally friendly company that looks after your safety and health first and offers support to the entire community.  

Our staff have worked in this industry for a long time and understand the importance of the safety standards. Offering superior results to all of our clients with our top-notch pest control and termite treatment service for Perth, Western Australia.

or Call Us for Assistance at:

1300 662 847

Do You Have A Pest Problem In Perth?

Offering superior Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia.  Taking pest treatment seriously and doing this in an environmentally friendly way is our company motto. We understand that in business you just have to have your pests under control at all times.  For Restaurants, this is critical or be shut down.Understanding exactly what to do to keep your business up and running and in tip-top shape is our job. And, we happen to take that job very seriously. Give us a call. We work with all kinds of pests, from the types with fur to the flying and insects. We value our clients and work with under the Australian standards to keep your home and business pest free.

Being a Reliable Pest Control Perth company we have acquired a lengthy list of happy customers, both residential and Commercial. We pride ourselves on offering the best service for the best price. Working with our clients to determine the best possible solution for their premises and implementing this.  Our lists include factories, restaurants, homeowners, landlords and so many more great clients. Dedicated to our trade, we like to think we can get the best results in as little time as possible. Give us a call if you need Guaranteed Solutions for Pests or Termites in Perth!

Does Perth Have A Termite Pest Control Problem?

While they don't seem too bad at the start termites are a serious problem. That being they seem noninvasive, while often staying out of site and seem non offensive they are one of the worst pest to have, especially if unchecked. The main problem being they are relentless. Any unprotected surface they see as a potential food source they will devour. While a slow process, this can cause literal millions of dollars worth of damages as wood is either used a structural support for a building or as an ornamental piece. 

This makes termites a serious threat as they love to spread from house to house slowly making their way all around the neighborhood. So while you ensured your house or business was built with material that have been checked for termites, do you know if you neighbor or their neighbor did?

Our professional termite management team in Perth is here to say No more to the termite infestation in your house or business. Feel free to contact us via call or email for more information about how we can help you with loss prevention and piece of mind for the satisfaction you or your local business is looking for. 

The Effective Pest Control Company In Perth

We really do live and breath the term pest control. With many years experience in the termite, ants, spiders and fleas treatment we know we can get the job done. Understanding that your time is of the essence and you need it done rain, hail or shine we will get the job done. 

Perth And Its Dry Climate

Unfortunately with the dry climate here in Perth many of the usual suspects when we talk about pest control come up, such as ants, fleas, cockroaches and termites. It's well known that every living thing needs water to survive same is true with the pest in your house.

This is why with such a dry climate they seek out the nearest water source, which is usually either a business or home. With the proper pest management these can best kept away with sprays and traps but sometimes you need to call in those with experience. Whether it be at a residential address or your company warehouse our qualified team can help protect against future damage that is environmentally safe and licensed. 

Western Australian Servicing Experience

We know the west. Everything from the people to the culture and we know exactly what you don't like. That's a pest problem. Either that creepy cockroaches or seasonal bees we know how to protect you and your family from harmful diseases they might be carrying. With our pest prevention techniques and warranty to match we know that our qualified business can get the job done. 

Termite Inspection And Pest Control Perth

One thing that is good about a termite inspection is that you're able to do it yourself! The knock test is one that is popular but can sometimes be to little to late, where you knock on the wood to determine how dense it is in certain places. 

This pest prevention technique is quick and easy but the solution sadly isn't. Thankfully with our premium termite service solution you can rest easy knowing that once Termipest gets the job done, it's done right. 

Perth is a big place so how do you know if your area is bad for termites? The good news here is google is your friend! a quick search with your address will let you know if you need a termite inspection done. This inspection can also be directly followed up by termite treatment services that we provide on site. Feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at a time that suits you.

Safe Pest Treatment Solution Perth

We have said before that we pride ourselves in the safe treatment of your personal home or business but we really mean it. Many solutions out there for pest removal with ones such as termites or ants offer a toxic spray that can be harmful to your family and pets. This is where Termipest is different. With our safe to spray pest control solutions we know your homes and businesses will love the on time results.