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Fleas are small parasites that can cause serious health issues for both humans and pets. In order to keep your home as flea-free as possible, it is important to use a variety of methods in order to get the most effective results. Termipest will help you understand how to identify if you have a flea infestation, and how long those treatments take.

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Why Are Fleas A Problem In Perth?

Being a city of animal lovers and along with its sandy soils and hot climate, Perth experiences huge flea problems. Added to this is its healthy rental market whereby there is constant movement and changeover of pets. With the vacation of resident dogs and cats, any fleas left on the property will await new hosts.

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Fleas can lay dormant for up to a year in cocoons and will hatch when they detect movement and vibrations. Apart from their irritating bites, fleas can transmit disease and spread tapeworms.

The Bubonic plague that killed millions of people throughout Europe was spread by fleas.

What Causes A Flea Outbreak?

Fleas usually become a problem when their primary food source is not available.

This is because they require either:

  1. Human blood for reproduction
  2. Or something else to ensure their eggs are perpetuated

Flea outbreaks can occur after the death of a pet or when family members move into premises where a dog or cat previously lived.

End Of Lease Flea Treatment

A flea infestation is a serious pest problem that requires professional flea control in order for it to be eradicated. Not only can fleas cause discomfort and health problems for pets, they also affect landlords who are renting their properties.

If fleas are not dealt with as soon as possible, the population will grow rapidly and spread flea eggs in all flea hiding spots, which can include your home.

Unfortunately fleas are more than an itchy annoyance to both pets and owners alike and flea bites can even cause an allergic reaction for some people making them one nasty pest!

After you vacate your rental property, it is best to have your end of lease flea treatment done by a professional.

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Is Flea Removal Safe?

Yes flea removal is safe, but you will need flea control to be sure that fleas are completely eradicated.

When fleas have been spotted in your home, you should contact a professional flea exterminator immediately as fleas can spread extremely fast - infestations can double or even triple in size every month.

Before any flea control is carried out, fleas must be in the flea life cycle stage, which is egg, larvae and pupae.

No flea control will eradicate fleas that are not at one of these three stages.

Aren't Fleas Just For Animals?

While fleas are primarily associated with pets, flea infestations can spread to humans as well. It is important for both landlords and renters to be aware that fleas can be a problem in rental properties. fleas aren't just confined to animals - they will spread flea eggs everywhere they go including carpets, furniture and even in the air flea eggs will fall from other fleas.

If fleas are not dealt with quickly flea infestations can become a real problem for landlords that may see their property value decrease, or even have tenants leave.

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