Cricket Removal Perth

Crickets are the most common insect found in homes and gardens, and while they are not harmful themselves, so many crickets can become a pest problem. Cricket Control is easy to achieve if you know how to deal with cricket infestations. Cricket Removal starts with an understanding of Cricket Behavior.

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Crickets are omnivores meaning that they will eat plants or animals for food (since they want all their bases covered). Crickets will also eat any kind of fungus growing around your home which makes it very hard for anything else to grow there as well.

Cricket Removal Perth

So, Cricket elimination should involve Cricket prevention first! The best Cricket treatment comes from avoiding Cricket damage in the first place by making sure to eliminate Cricket food sources.

The Crickets found in Perth are the Indian house Cricket. Crickets can annoy homeowners by seeking indoor shelter and chirping all night. They prefer high raked ceilings, roof voids and internal face brick inside homes.

Outside, Crickets like to congregate behind hot water systems, between fence sheeting, under pot plants and metal plates and in brick piles. Because Crickets can inhabit similar areas to American Cockroaches, they can transmit disease.

What Do Crickets Eat?

Crickets eat any kind of fungus, cricket chirps (other cricket noises), or anything else that will give it the energy they need to live their cricket lives. Crickets also like cricket bait, which is cricket food! The best cricket control comes from keeping crickets from eating cricket food in the first place. For this reason, making sure there are no cricket food sources around your home is important for preventing Cricket Damage .

The most common cricket foods are:

  • Moldy Food
  • Stale Food
  • Fly Paper and other sticky surfaces
  • House plants and house hold plants that never get water

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