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Thanks to our extensive experience within the industry, our professional technicians are licensed, backed by the right qualification and skills to each job is done efficiently, effectively and at the best price possible. By tailoring an independent quote to suit your specific needs, we'll attend to the job with enthusiasm, attention to detail and respect.

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Here at Termipest, we offer both domestic and commercial pest management and control in Perth that treats a wide range of common pests that invade Australian properties. As well as offering effective treatments that include a 12 month FREE service warranty, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing that will fit within your budget.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the service provided by Termipest. We never compromise on the quality of our pest control treatment, and we use only the most hygienic, state-of-the-art chemicals and equipment to treat pest problems.

Not sure where to start? We encourage you to give our pest control management team a call on 1300 66 2847 or send us a message via our contact page. We can provide you with a response to any questions or advice in regards to needs.

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