Protect your house from destructive pests and termites with Termipest.


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Common Pest Problems

There are many different kinds of pests that require different removal techniques

Pest Control You Can Count On!

Tackling pest infestation yourself is risky as time IS ALWAYS a factor. Do not risk things getting out of hand, we are here to help! Your safety is our main concern and these pests could already have spread filth and disease through your property - it's best left in the hands of professionals like us at Termipest Perth.

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Very happy with the professional service offered by Termipest regarding our new home. The technician was on time as per booking and very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Claire S

Home Owner

Very happy with the professional service, Termipest is the best pest control i have had there also great value for money if you need pest control.

Marc J

Shop Owner

I’ve used Termipest for over ten years now and have had fantastic service from them. Their prices are competitive and their 12 month pestcover warranty is the best one in the business. 

Michael B

Home Owner



Defend your home against destructive pests.
Get rid of pests and termites for good with Termipest.


Why Termipest Pest Control?

The number one pest control in Perth is Termipest because we have the qualifications, skills, and expert services to attack your pest infestation. These unhygienic guests need to go and stay gone, and the chemicals and methods should be handled by our professional pest management solution.

The safety of your family or business is our primary concern, and there is no need to risk damage to yourselves or others with do-it-yourself treatments and techniques. Research our pest library and trust that we can handle any pest thrown your way.


Assess your home for termites or pests through our free, comprehensive inspections.


Implement unique pest solutions for your home that focus on control and prevention


Monitor your home for problems and to ensure ongoing protection.

Quality Pest & Termite Treatment At Affordable Prices!

Termipest is a leader in the industry that specializes in preventing common insects like termites, rodents and spiders from attacking your home. We have more than 50 years of experience providing quality protection to homes against these pesky pests! Not only do we help you keep bugs out for good but also provide great services or products such as helping with wildlife control or reducing moisture within your house - all while running an energy efficient household.

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The Effective Pest Control Company In Perth

We have been in the business for a long time, and know that pest control is all we do. We are available to help at any time or day of the week- rain hail or shine! All you need to make sure it done right? Give us a call today.

We specialize in just one thing: Pest Control Services. Whatever your needs may be - termites, ants, spiders or fleas treatments - we've got what you're looking for; with years of experience behind our backs and many happy clients who return year after year because they trust where their services come from--us!