Providing an Effective Termite Bait System to Perth Properties

When you discover a white ant infestation on your property, you want to find a quick and easy solution. By using quality monitoring and termite bait stations, Perth residents can effectively control their infestation and eventually eradicate the colony. Here at Termipest, we are experienced in helping home and business owners with their termite infestations by providing high quality and effective solutions at an affordable price.

We are proud to provide Perth’s homes and commercial sector with an effective termite bait system that will leave you at ease. Our goal is to help you find comfort in the knowledge that your home is free from these damaging disturbances to your property.

We utilise a unique baiting system

Termibait is a unique termite bait system that sources the best products available to suit the situation. As the Termipest team is not affiliated with any particular supplier or have an exclusive agreement, we can offer a vast range of high quality products to suit your needs. Our technicians are familiar with all systems from leading brands, and happily offer advice to clients regarding the solution that is going to offer the best results for their situation.

Providing you with peace of mind

With these tiny pests being able to create extensive damage to your property, which can cost thousands to repair, knowing you have an effective solution in place offers great peace of mind. When you choose our Termibait option, you get a tailor-made system comprising of both in ground and above-ground termite bait stations, a thorough inspection and detailed report, free pest cover and more. This ensures a quality solution that offers long-term results.

To learn more about our white ant solutions and to request a quote for your property, please contact our team on 1300 NO BUGS (66 2847) today.