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Tackling pest infestation yourself is risky as time is ALWAYS a factor. Do not risk things getting out of hand. Your safety is our main concern, as these pests could already have spread filth and disease through your property. And without the right equipment, your best intentions could make matters worse (or more expensive!). No matter if you need general Pest Control or Termite Treatment, you can trust the safety of your home to the pest experts at Termipest.

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Why Termipest For Pest Control?

The number one pest control in Perth is Termipest because we have the qualifications, skills, and expert services to attack your pest infestation. These unhygienic guests need to go and stay gone, and the chemicals and methods should be handled by our professional pest management solution. The safety of your family or business is our primary concern, and there is no need to risk damage to yourselves or others with do-it-yourself treatments and techniques. Research our pest library and trust that we can handle any pest thrown your way.


Assess your home through our free, comprehensive inspections.


Implement unique solutions for your home that focus on control and prevention


Monitor your home for problems and to ensure ongoing protection.

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We are leaders in the industry that specialising in protection against common insects, including termites, rodents, and spiders. We have more than 50 years of experience in bugs control services.

In addition to helping prevent termites, bed bugs and other common pests from attacking your home, ClearWay can help provide protection against other problems such as wildlife and moisture. We even offer services and products that can help you run a more energy efficient household.

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"Warranty included with service is great piece of mind"

"Very happy with the professional service offered by Termipest regarding our new home. The technician was on time as per booking and very helpful and pleasant to deal with regarding the safety of my pets and children. Warranty included with service is great piece of mind. I would highly recommend Termipest to new home owners or those just wanting to protect their home and family."

Claire S //  Home Owner

"Termipest is the best pest control i have had"

"Very happy with the professional service ,Termipest is the best pest control i have had there also great value for money if you need pest control the only place you should seek is Termipest there technicians are very polite and reliable"

MARC J  //  Business Owner

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Need Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia?

Offering Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia, and surrounding areas.  Do you have rats, ants, termites, cockroach or other unwanted critters lurking? We are a professional pest control service company that can come out and take a look.  We know Western Australia and all their pests and how they live. It is important to understand the pest that you need to get rid of, the food they like or the sleeping habits help us get the pest out in a safe manner for the people and pets of the home or business.  

We offer Residential Pest Control as well as Business Pest Control services for all of Perth, WA. Do you have a pest problem and need some help? Not sure even what that noise is in the walls but you know the walls don't make that noise on their own? We can come and check it out. We live in your community and understand the ways of life in Perth, WA.  We know what pests are here and at what times of the year they are more problematic than others. We work with our clients to get the best results in the best fashion for a variety of pests.

Some pests we use sprays, while others we trap and some need a combination of both. We do all of this in a fashion that will protect the non-pest animals and people around.  Our dedicated team will carefully evaluate your pest situation, as every situation is different to come up with the right plan for you. We are an environmentally friendly company that looks after your safety and health first and offers support to the entire community.  

Our staff have worked in this industry for a long time and understand the importance of the safety standards. Offering superior results to all of our clients with our top-notch pest control and termite treatment service for Perth, Western Australia.

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Do you have a Pest Problem?

Offering superior Pest Control Services for Perth, Western Australia.   Taking pest's seriously and doing this in an environmentally friendly way is our motto.  We understand that in business you just have to have your pests under control at all times.  For Restaurants, this is critical or be shut down. Understanding exactly what to do to keep your business up and running and in tip-top shape is our job.  And, we happen to take that job very seriously. Give us a call. We work with all kinds of pests, from the types with fur to the flying and insects. We value our clients and work with under the Australian standards to keep your home and business pest free.

Being a Reliable Pest Control Company we have acquired a lengthy list of happy customers, both residential and Commercial.  We pride ourselves on offering the best service for the best price. Working with our clients to determine the best possible solution for their premises and implementing this.  Our lists include factories, restaurants, homeowners, landlords and so many more great clients. Dedicated to our trade, we like to think we can get the best results in as little time as possible.  Give us a call if you need Guaranteed Solutions for Pests or Termites in Perth!